Monday, March 8, 2010

Five Top Reasons I Love Homeschooling

After going over all the different options to educate our son last year, my husband and I decided that homeschooling would work best for us, at least for the time being. So he started kindergarten back in August, and while we've had our ups and downs, I have really enjoyed it overall. I fully realize that homeschooling is not an option for everyone, and in many cases, would not be the best option. But when it is, it is such a blessing to the whole family. Here are my top 5 reasons that I love this choice for educating my son:

5. Being able to stay in my pajamas all day:

I must admit, on days that I don't plan on leaving the house, I usually don't bother to change out of my pajamas. Even after a shower, a lot of the time I still get dressed in pajamas, so I'll be as comforable as possible!

4. My 6-year-old gets to be a 6-year-old all day long:

One thing I didn't like about the idea of sending my son away for kindergarten is that I felt like his child's spirit would be stifled. I just don't think a six-year-old should have to sit and do school work for most of the day. At this age, the majority of his day should involve playing, which is how young children learn so much anyway. And, childhood is so short, and once it's gone, it never comes back.

3. Not having to get up early on Monday morning!

I am SO thankful for this!!! We usually have a lot going on during the weekend, so it is so nice to just sleep in and then have a relaxed Monday morning.

2. Getting to spend so much time with my son

I just love the fact that I am there for little moments that I would have missed (or that would've never happened at all) had he been at school. Moments like when he laughs at something funny I just read in a book, or when he sings his rendition of a song from a movie (and I actually have time to get out the camera and record it). Those kinds of moments are worth everything to me; they are the true joys in life.

1. Being able to be the strongest influence on my son.

Before he is old enough to make his own decisions out in the world without me, I feel my son needs to learn how to make those decisions, and what to base them on. While he is so young and impressionable, he needs his parents to teach him about God's Word, and what it says about how we should live our lives. He needs to know that it's ok to be himself, way before he's confronted with peer pressure, so that when it does happen, he'll be mature and strong in his convictions, and won't have such a hard time going against the crowd.

I feel my greatest responsibility as a mother is to guide my children and do everything I can to raise them as kind, strong, loving, confident, faithful, capable adults, and it is such an honor to be given that responsibility. Having the time to do this for my children; I can think of nothing better than that as a reason to homeschool.

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  1. We have homeschooled for a long time, and we are still at it. Our oldest is ready to graduate from high school and plans to head off to college next year. I don't write about homeschooling a lot of my site, but it's always sort of there in the wings..LOL.